Thursday, March 04, 2021

Winners' Certificates of Indian Kukai #35

  The certificates of top five winners  of 35th Indian Kukai are here :-


                              WINNER-Tejinder Sethi


RUNNER UP-Wiesław Karliński



Pepa Odjakova

Goran Gatalica


FOURTH PLACE-Raghavi Agarwal


FIFTH PLACE-Kaiser v Kahn


Monday, March 01, 2021

Results of 35th Indian Kukai

  We conclude the 35th edition of the Indian Kukai today.

98 participants took part in this Kukai.

The theme was Letter .

This time the winner is Tejinder Sethi  from Bangalore , India with 30 points.

Wieslaw Karlinski , from Namyslow, Poland takes the Second Place with 27 points.

Pepa Odjakova from Bulgaria and Goran Gatalica from Croatia share third place with 25 points.

Raghavi Agarwal from India is fourth with 21 points.

Kaiser v Kahn from Darmstadt, Germany is fifth with 20 points.

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you who participated.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14 pts.


1st Place

# 2

reading between lines ————- the silence he never wrote

Tejinder Sethi Bangalore ,India
(6,3,6)=30 points


 2nd place

# 18
another spring in old mailbox bird’s nest

Wiesław Karliński Namysłów, Poland
(2,2,7)=27 points


 3rd place


letters to Santa unopened in mom's closet

Pepa Odjakova Plovdiv, Bulgaria
(2,7,3)=25 points



letter from war — the gust of a frost in our garden

Goran Gatalica Zagreb, Croatia


4th place


our letters . . . a paper boat carries me to you

Raghavi Agarwal India
(5,2,4) = 21 points


5th Place


rejection letter... my little son folding a paper boat

Kaiser v Kahn Darmstadt, Germany
(2,6,2)= 20 points


6th place


grape gathering in the scarecrow's pocket - a love letter

Lyudmila Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(1,2,4)= 17 points


7th place(x3)


unopened letter - the first magnolia buds before my door

Ana Drobot Bucharest, Romania
(3,3,2)= 15 points


first tooth lost... my grandson recites his ABCs

Nancy Brady, Huron, USA
(0,3,3)=15 points


saffron strands ... mother’s blessings in her letter

Arvinder Kaur, Chandigarh, India
(1,4,2)=15 points


8th place(x3)


decluttering... I find another of his suicide notes

Ed Bremson Raleigh, NC, USA
(3,1,3)=14 points


torn letter - flying away in the autumn wind a part of you

RANIERI Christiane France
(4,2,2)= 14 points


rereading old letters... out of the blue the sound of her warm voice

Cristina Apetrei Saveni,Romania
(2,3,2)=14 points


9th place(x2)


tombstone the letters are erased by time

Viktoriya Marinova, Bulgaria
(1,0,4)=13 points


onion skin – a thin sheet of paper our distance

Daniela Misso San Gemini (TR) Italy
(0,2,3)=13 points


10th place


back to the sea . . . letters of his voyages along with the ashes

Milan Rajkumar Imphal,India
(2,2,2) = 12 points

11 points(x3)


monsoon failure an elderly farmer writes a letter to God

Hemapriya Chellappan Pune, India.
(2,3,1)=11 points


Valentine’s Day the mailman also delivers a knowing smile

Marion Clarke Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


unfolding the letter among my mother's lines forget-me-not seeds

Cezar Ciobica Botosani, Romania
(3,1,2)=11 points

10 points(x2)
# 16

scent of moonflower... too little time to write a short letter

Goda Virginija Bendoraitienė Klaipėda, Lithuania
(2,1,2)= 10 points


bluebird call ... the sound of a letter dropped in mailbox

sanjuktaa asopa Belgaum, India
(1,0,3)= 10 points


 9 points(x3)


no letter today how far from home this sundown feels

Damir Damir, Kotor, Montenegro
(1,4,0)= 9 points


ancient inscription
my shadow touches
each letter

Nikolay Grankin. Russia, Krasnodar.
(1,1,2) = 9 points


mum's casket
all these unopened letters
from my father

Henryk Czempiel Strzelce Opolskie, Poland
(2,2,1)= 9 points


8 points (X4)


burning slowly - my feelings and his last love letter

Sandra Martyres Mumbai - India
(1,2,1)= 8 points


snowflakes - the silent words of silence

Luisa Santoro Rome ,Italy
(2,0,2) = 8 points


broken bench in the dusty hostel- I write a letter

Vishwajit Pathare Pune, India
(1,2,1)= 8 points


ink splattered — our divorce papers smell like the letters you once wrote me

Anirved Deshpande Mumbai, India
(0,1,2)= 8 points

7 points(x3)


old letters - the same even handwriting year after year

Radka Mindova from Bulgaria, Sliven city
(1,0,2)= 7 points


dying flame— the ink has faded out from his letters

Anisha Anup Das Kolkata, India
(1,0,2)=7 points


letter from home -- my eyes are covered by a mist

James Dobson, Newcastle,UK
(0,2,1)= 7 points


6 points(x6)


elongated dusk - caressing unopened letters

Kashiana Singh Chicago,USA
(2,2,0) = 6 points


a letter in her hennaed palm crumpled

Mohammad Azim Khan, Peshawar, Pakistan
(0,0,2)= 6 points


refugee tent - in a foreign language spelling “hope”

Dan Iulian,
(2,2,0)= 6 points


first daffodil she posts a letter to a long lost friend

Marina Bellini Mantova ,Italy
(1,1,1)= 6 points


a little note . . . your love spelt in capital letters

Mona Iordan Bucharest, Romania
(1,1,1) = 6 points


missing father ... the postman delivers an ink of hope

Khwahish Vig Pune, India
(3,0,1)= 6 points


5 points(x6)


Great-Grandma’s love letters beautiful old handwriting indecipherable

Eleonore Nickolay
Vaires sur Marne,France
(2,0,1)= 5 points


office skills – grandpa is still searching in the mailbox

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara Romania
(2,0,1) = 5 points


past seven springs basking amidst dad's letters the forget-me-nots

Lakshmi V Iyer Kerala,India

(0,1,1) = 5 points


love letter... piecing together fragments of my broken heart

Gautam Nadkarni Mumbai, India
(1,2,0) = 5 points


the first star - her hand and mine write a letter to Santa

(2,0,1)=5 points


love birdsong... writing letters in the sand

Kristina kaneva Todorova Sofia, Bulgaria
(0,1,1)= 5 points


 4 points (x3)

# 14

bonds persist deep buried in layers of dust my lost penpal's letters

Subir Ningthouja, Imphal, Manipur,India
(1,0,1) =4 points

# 27

lingering plague--     unfinished love letter folded into paper crane

Teiichi Suzuki Osaka Japan
(1,0,1) = 4 points

# 70

old postcard my unkept promises close to her heart

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi Hyderabad,India
(1,0,1)= 4 points


3 points (x9)

# 6

ping of an email... how welcomed was the sound of a postman’s bell

Vandana Parashar Panchkula,India
( 0,0,1) = 3 points

# 7

incense smoke your farewell words appear disappear...

Eufemia Griffo, Settimo Milanese, Italy
(1,1,0) = 3 points

# 13

winter twilight — flipping through yellowed letters of my first love

Minh-Triêt Pham Paris, France
( 0,0,1)= 3 points

# 36

Avalanche - The postman is distributing letters torn from the corner

Vibha Rani Shrivastava Patna
(0,0,1) =3 points

# 37

from the donation box of village church ...a letter to GOD

R. Suresh Babu Chikmagalur,India
(1,1,0) = 3 points

# 46

last letter holds her fragrance still...spring moon

Neena Singh Chandigarh, India
(1,1,0)= 3 points


lines crossed out … furrows on brow etch deeper

Priti Aisola Hyderabad, India
(0,0,1) = 3 points

# 81

laptop screen brightens the autumn twilight the last mail

Małgorzata Tafil-Klawe Poland, Bydgoszcz
(1,1,0)= 3 points


old love letters - joys and sorrows in time become nostalgia

Mihail Buraga Bucharest, Romania
(0,0,1)=3 points


2 points (x11)

# 20
old letters the fireplace reads aloud and blush

Dainius Dirgela Vilnius, Lithuania
(0,1,0)= 2 points

# 23
a sheaf of letters still bound together 50th anniversary

Billy Antonio Laoac, Philippines

(2,0,0) = 2 points

# 31
at LoC pigeon flew in with letter

Sushma Nayak Bhubaneswar, Odisha

(0,1,0) = 2 points

# 51
love letter in the mud of the road – black clouds

Maria Tirenescu Cugir, Romania
(0,1,0) = 2 points

# 61
the letter 0 one for startle three for sheer pleasure

Barbara A.Taylor Mountain Top, NSW Australia
(0,1,0) = 2 points

# 66
patches of sunlight the very last letter he wrote to me

Christine L. Villa, North Highlands, CA
(2,0,0) = 2 points

# 67
reading and r e r e a d i n g your letter lulls those voices in my head
Vani Sathyanarayan (Bangalore, India)
(0,1,0) = 2 points

# 69
a tear on the word goodbye the ink melts

Nazarena Rampini Milano Italy
(2,0,0) = 2 points

# 73
teardrops— dissolving the ink into an unreadable blotch

Lakshmi R Pillai Kochi, India

(0,1,0) = 2 points

# 86
blurry words... a tear falls washing the ink away

Tanisha Dey Pune, Maharashtra
(2,0,0) = 2 points

# 87
pile of wedding letters- grandma reminds me of the ancestral anklet

Sayali Sarode Pune, India
(0,1,0) = 2 points

 1 points (x6)

# 9

outdated news a letter under the leaves in the mailbox

Mirela Brăilean România

# 57

waves play hide and seek - on the wet sand her name

Vadivel Rajan Chennai , India

# 72

the abuser attacked by the abused — in her death letter

Nidhi Vaidya Mumbai, India.

# 80

letter to a friend I got stuck right after 

Malgorzata Formanowska Wroclaw, Poland

# 89

unable to sleep I leave a letter under my pillow... with my wedding ring

Zeal Shah Surat, India

#  98

winter sky trying to compose letter to you from the stars

Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lituania



No letter in the mailbox... in email a lot

Vasile Moldovan Bucharest, Romania


mellow morning
watching his last letter
crumbling in the hearth

Anitha Varma
 Kerala, India


snail mail...
slow, my letter 
in script

Pat Geyer
 East Brunswick, NJ USA


few wards letter
on the sand of the seaside
until a wave comes

Jurate Norvaišienė
Mažeikiai, Lithuania


grandpa’s low flute call
plays grandma’s yellowed letters
twin blooming plum trees

Marilyn Ashbaugh
Gulf Stream USA


winter hope
child hands over
a smudged letter
              to Santa

Sushama Kapur
Pune, India

# 39
drop a letter in mail box... & then never see back

Kamrun Nahar Dhaka ,Bangladesh

# 41
sheet of paper no events ... and what shall I write for you?

Nijolė Kerušauskienė, Kaunas, Lithuania

# 44
rediscovered the pleasure of penning snail mail

Ingrid Baluchi Ohrid, Macedonia

# 45

Valentine's Day Mama bakes the meatloaf in a heart-shaped pan

Phyllis Lee Sebring, Ohio

traces in the snow: letters from a world too hard to read

Csanad Szava, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

# 50
so many letters from the nature crowns everywhere

Elena Ivanova Plovdiv, Bulgaria

letters received in college... a bundle of homesickness

Baisali Chatterjee Dutt; Kolkata, India

# 53
Youth love letters between lines today sandwich crumbs

Richard Jodoin
Montréal, Canada

unclaimed box of messages rains’ touch of bliss

Radhamani Sarma Chennai - India

# 58
summer vacation- the infinite enthusiasm to send the first letter

Hassane Zemmouri Algiers, Algeria

# 62
Blush creeps up my cheeks, My heart in ink and paper I post, Sincerely await.

Kakneka Nem New Zealand

# 74
love letters... the back and forth tires my pigeon

Surashree Joshi Pune, India


a letter from home... tears of joy from the hostel kids

Mehr Sehgal Jalandhar, Punjab

our letters exchanged our love bloomed with love from me to you

Khushi Hemnani Mumbai, India

daughter writes of adventures old father travels lanes - between lines of her letters

Anushka Gautam Lucknow, India

Vaccine... Farewell, COVID-19, I embrace you, people.
Ivanka Yankova


Haiku #35, 47, 90, and 95 were not shown in 
the final list as participants did not send their votes/sent votes after deadline was over.

Thank you all for your participation !
We look forward to your participation in the 36th Indian kukai. Till then stay safe !!! 


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