Sunday, March 24, 2019

Winners' Certificates of Indian Kukai #27

The certificates of top five winners  of 27th Indian Kukai are here :-


                                                           1st Place(x2)

                                                           Minh-Triêt Pham

                                                             Anna Cates



                                                              Vandana Parashar



Csanad Szava



                                                          Eleonore Nickolay



                                              Christine L. Villa


Certificate of appreciation

Marion Clarke


Organizers,Indian Kukai

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Results of the 27th Indian Kukai

We conclude the 27th edition of the Indian Kukai 


80 participants took part in the 27th Indian Kukai.

The theme of this edition was COLOUR

This time the Top place has been shared by two Haijins.

Both Minh-Triêt Pham from Paris,France and Anna Cates from Wilmington, OH. USA are First with 26 points each.

Vandana Parashar from  India is Second  with 18 points.

Csanad Szava from Cluj-Napoca, Romania  takes the Third place with 17 points.

Eleonore Nickolay from Vaires sur Marne , France is Fourth with 16 points.

And Christine L. Villa from North Highlands, USA is Fifth with 15 points.

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you 

who participated as well.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14 pts.


1st place (x2) :- 26 points each

# 1

after the downpour the rainbow disappears into the chameleon

Minh-Triêt Pham

Paris, France


# 8

autumn colors a raven soaks up the sunlight

Anna Cates,

Wilmington, OH. USA
(4,5,4)= 26


2nd place :18 points

# 31

muezzin's call
the colour of sunset sky on her hennaed hands

Vandana Parashar
(4,1,4)= 18

3rd place: 17 points

# 68

coloring a mandala he forgets the shadows of life

Csanad Szava
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
(2,3,3)= 17 points

4th place: 16 points

# 35

winter journey the white fields of memory

Eleonore Nickolay
Varies sur Marne,France
(4,3,2)= 16 points


5th place: 15 points

# 80

 a day without
 a poem

Christine L. Villa
 North Highlands, USA
(4,4,1)= 15 points


6th place(x2) : 14 points

# 20

 her first moments 
 after divorce  

Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania
(3,4,1)= 14 points



 flowering season
 the red of her lips
 on my cheek

Marcellin Dallaire-Beaumont
 Brussels, Belgium 
(3,1,3)= 14 points


7th place (x3) : 12 points


 first light...
 the changing colours
 of holy water 

Archana Kapoor Nagpal,
 Bangalore, India 
(4,1,2) =12 points 



winter's end on a white piece of paper the colored pencils

Nikolay Grankin

Russia, Krasnodar
(5,2,1)=12 points



reading with delight about Impressionism— braille dots

Henryk Czempiel

Strzelce Opolskie, Poland
(3,0,3)=12 points


8th place : 11 points


a kid's drawing the sun with Mom's face

Pepa Odjakova
(4,2,1)=11 points

9th Place(x2) : 10 points


wildflowers - the bee doesn't do difference of color

Pasquale Asprea
(1,3,1)=10 points



Traffic jam in a grey morning day a green skirt suit on bike

Richard Jodoin
(0,2,2)=10 points


10th place :9 points


wielding the brush I paint my life a different color

Carol Raisfeld,
Atlantic Beach,NY,USA
(3,3,0)=9 Points


8 Points


pink slip the pockets on clothesline inside out

Sudebi Singha
(3,1,1)=8 points

7 Points(x3)


Breeze of spring- my daughter paints with warm colours

Vasile Moldovan
Bucharest, Romania
(3,2,0)=7 points



red poppies cover the field once covered in blood

Nancy Brady
Huron, Ohio, USA
(3,2,0)=7 points



The white sail divides the blue sky from the blue ocean

-Zdenko Cavar
Knespolje Bosnia and Herzegovina
(1,0,2)=7 points


6 Points(x6)


bright streams colorful petals are raining above the melted snow

Minko Tanev,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
(0,0,2)=6 points



the old pond - green circles suddenly

Mihail Buraga Bucharest ,Romania   
(1,1,1)=6 points


# 42

forgotten words - I try to memorise the colour of your eyes

Yaeshona Sarkar Pune, India 
(2,2,0)=6 points



On the dry branches of yellow roses the bunch of red fruits

Ruzica Soldo Siroki Brijeg Bosnia and Herzegovina
(0,0,2)=6 points



Under the neighbor´s
jasmine tree yellow dandelion still asleep

Gabrijela Susak Mokro Bosnia and Herzegovina 
(2,2,0)=6 points



questioning my skin color burnt ground

Billy Antonio, Laoac, Philippines
(1,1,1,)=6 points


5 Points(x10)

# 7

under the hoarfrost red chrysanthemums- their last prayer

Vasile COJOCARU Pașcani, Romania 
( 0,1,1)=5 points


red nasturtium a soft smile holds my lips 

Muskaan Ahuja Chandigarh, India 
(0,1,1)=5 points



circus clown infusing colour to our lives

Mohammad Azim Khan, Peshawar Pakistan 
(1,2,0)=5 points



blue glicinias on the edge of the sunrise rosily morning

Stoianka Boianova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(0,1,1)=5 points



yellowed leaf it fell with a rain - or maybe a butterfly

Wiesław Karliński Namysłów, Poland   
(0,1,1)= 5 points



remaining dusk - full opened beak of a blackbird

Goran Gatalica, Zagreb, Croatia 
(0,1,1)=5 points



white moon the sky darkness in cat's eyes 

Ivanka Yankova,
 Aenvgrad, Bulgaria  
( 1,2,0)= 5 points


spring blues - sky and crocuses

John McDonald Edinburgh Scotland
(0,1,1)=5 points



color-blind... pulled over for jumping a green light

Seshu Chamarty. Hyderabad, India 
(2,0,1)=5 points



so many shades of blue I draw myself the horizon line 

Lyudmila Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria
(0,1,1)=5 points


4 Points(x9)

# 5

aquamarine meets ochre the thin white strip

Mark Gilfillan Hackney - London
(2,1,0)=4 points  


mimicking the color of icicles— blind man's eyes

-Michael H. Lester
Los Angeles USA
(0,2,0)=4 points


rainy morning— a violet-bluish feather lands in the garden

-Marina Bellini
Bagnolo San Vito (MN) - Italy

  (2,1,0)= 4 points


office tower building – only the blue sky is coloring my life

-Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara
Galaţi ,Roumanie

(0,2,0)= 4 points


morning bell risen by the cloud of crows white silence

-Dorota Ocińska
Poland, Łódź

(2,1,0)=4 points


white on blue a puffcloud with a smiley face

-Mark Gilbert,
Nottingham, UK

(0,2,0)= 4 points


autumn whiff - I dye my hair orange

-Ana Baltė, Kaunas

(2,1,0)= 4 points


remaining snow -- a dropped white glove is lost

-James Dobson,
Prudhoe, UK.

(1,0,1)=4 points


winter dawn - the whiteness of a rooster's crow

-Cristina Apetrei

(2,1,0)= 4 points


3 Points(x10)


sunshine through his eyes a blue sky

Florin Golban, Bucuresti, Romania



it's raining light from golden leaves -- my new name Grandma

Goda V. Bendoraitiene Klaipeda, Lithuania



grey hair my grandson says do I need to wait that long

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi City: Hyderabad Country: India



rainbows of flavor . . . the light of mother’s lentil soup

Marilyn Ashbaugh
Edwardsburg, USA



foaming waves the immaculate whiteness from my Piña Colada

RANIERI Christiane France



twilight my daughter painting with fingers suns on the window

Radostina Dragostinova Sofia, Bulgaria



clear skies the door to the lighthouse a deeper blue than the sea

Lucy Whitehead, Essex, UK



spring rainbow – heavenly kiss to spring flowers

Antoaneta Pavlova Plovdiv, Bulgaria



Poppy Day out of the mist moss-covered years

Florin Ciobîcă Botoșani/ Romania




tender breeze... the rush of colours from my calendar

Praniti Gulyani, New Delhi, India



2 Points(x5)  

# 41

first shades that Spring spills on me - Blues?

Shalini Sunkuru Norwich, UK



before and after her widowhood… the waning spectrum

Rashmi Vesa Bengaluru,India


# 62

autumn winds

undress the trees- a burst of colour

Sandra Martyres City - Mumbai Country - India


# 64

Summer heat An artistis is still painting red poppies

Svetla Pacheva-Karabova Plovdiv, Bulgaria



worn jeans the sea ​​bay from bird's view

Viktoriya Marinova Westendorf, Austria


1 Point(x10) 

seagrass green I choose for one evening colour of eyes

Jurate Norvaisiene Mazeikiai, Lithuania



mango orchard brushing in the colours of peacock dance

Gautam Nadkarni Mumbai, India



sunlit prism - kaleidoscopic rainbows Sufi dancing

Ingrid Baluchi Ohrid, Macedonia



fogbow dreaming to be a rainbow

Lakshmi Iyer Chennai India



funeral alive and dead with the same color of skin

Dainius Dirgela Vilnius, Lithuania



Forgot road! hardship and fatigue northern lights

Nijolė Kerušauskiene Kaunas, Lithuania



burning question- the colours of the skin or the skin of colours?

Munia Khan Dhaka City, Bangladesh


# 60

the sky through the green lake still blue

Adjei Agyei-Baah Ghana/New Zealand



faded can I paint in my sky yesterday's rainbow

Kumarendra Mallick Hyderabad India


# 71

mountain top world spreads in shades of prussian blue

Anitha Varma, Cochin, India.


# 2
Alhambra’s lighting-up through the hotel window-- winter sleepless night
Teiichi Suzuki Osaka city, Japan

# 6
black crow scares the sun; a seer mourns the season no colour 'til spring
Pat Geyer East Brunswick, NJ USA
deepest red the twisted knots in basket cases
Barbara A. Taylor Mountain Top, NSW Australia 2480
# 21
Jesus Christ kidnapped - Giotto's aliens angels just in case coloured
Gheorghe Postelnicu, Bucharest, Romania


# 48
pink dawn- of different colors the castaways’ clothes
Giovanna Restuccia Modena, (Italy )

# 50
sakuras blooming- all japanese not japanese are japanese
Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lituania


# 70
green tomatoes stealing red from the sun tax form
Ignatius Fay Sudbury, Canada

*Haiku #9 has been withdrawn from the contest.

*Haiku # 33 , #69 , #23  not shown in the final list as the contestants didn't send votes.

 We look forward to your participation in the 28th Indian Kukai .


Indian Kukai