Sunday, June 17, 2018

24th Indian Kukai Winners' Certificates

 Certificates for the top five winners  of 24th Indian Kukai are here :-


                                               WINNER- Andrius Luneckas


                                RUNNER UP-Archana Kapoor Nagpal


                                        THIRD PLACE-Radka Mindova

FOURTH PLACE-Praniti Gulyani



Sandi Pray


Tia Haynes


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Results of The Indian Kukai # 24

Namaste! Vanakkam! Greetings!

We conclude the 24th edition of the Indian Kukai 


75 participants took part in the 24th Indian Kukai, 

and they came from 22 different countries.,

The theme of this edition was FOREST

This time the winner is Andrius Luneckas from 

Vilnius, Lituania with 32 points.

Archana Kapoor Nagpal from Bengaluru, India 

takes the runner-up slot with 28 points.

Radka Mindova from Sliven city,Bulgaria is third 

with 24 points and Praniti Gulyani from New 

Delhi,India is fourth with 20 points.

The 5th place has been shared by Sandi Pray from 

North Carolina,USA and Tia Haynes from Cuyahoga 

Falls, USA with 16 points each.

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you 

who participated as well.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14pts.


1st place: 32 POINTS

dead forest
even the silence here
is different

Andrius Luneckas
Vilnius, Lituania


2nd place: 28 POINTS

a firefly
following another firefly ...
forest trail

Archana Kapoor Nagpal
Bengaluru, Karnataka


3rd place: 24 POINTS

forest -
the child draws again
the same tree

Radka Mindova
Sliven city,Bulgaria,


4th place: 20 POINTS

forest breeze...
the distant taste
of ripening berries

Praniti Gulyani
New Delhi, India


5th place(x2): 16 POINTS

sometimes just knowing
i’m not alone

Sandi Pray
North Carolina


a hawk dips in and out
of the treetops

Tia Haynes
Cuyahoga Falls, USA



6th place : 15 POINTS

strawberry glade
walking as if through
a minefield

Nikolay Grankin
Krasnodar, Russia



7th place(x3) : 13 POINTS

rain forest
a king cobra claims
his tree

Mohammad Azim Khan,
Peshawar Pakistan



birth and death --
this earthy fragrance
of the forest

Carol Raisfeld,
New York, USA



forest clearing
my bald spot draws
more attention

Billy Antonio
Laoac, Philippines



8th place: 12 POINTS

midnight lullaby
twigs touching
the stars

Ajaya Mahala,
Pune, India


9th place (x3) : 11 POINTS

sound of sun
on fallen leaves
softly the steps of a fawn

Sanjuktaa Asopa,
(4,2,1)= 11


# 52
oak grove—
shadows harden
on the snow

Anna Cates,
Wilmington, OH. (USA)
(1,2,2) =11


pencil shavings
scent of resin from
an ancient forest

Cezar Florescu
Botosani, Romania


10th place : 9 POINTS

the forest in March
in sunny crocuses
the precipice blooms

Stoianka Boianova,
Sofia, Bulgaria
(1,1,2)= 9


8 POINTS(x4)

In the clearing
a well of life-giving water-
forest heartbeat

Don Basilio ,



A chewed pencil
on the class windowsill
a forest far away

Richard Jodoin
Montréal, Canada
(4,2, 0)=8


ancient forest -
every sound is telling
a true story

Mihail Buraga


forest morning path
the unwanted company
of flies

Isaac Ofori-Okyere
Kumasi, Ghana


7 POINTS(x5)

rain forest
under the leaves -
so much life

Pepa Odjakova
Plovdiv, Bulgaria 


forest snowflakes . . .
the silence fills
with whispered secrets

Ingrid Baluchi


Deep forest -
I stop to listen
to the birds

Pasquale Asprea


whisper of light
a patch of young aspens
deep in the forest

Sondra J. Byrnes
New Maxico


forest trail...
following the squirrel I find
a path within a path

Kumarendra Mallick
Hyderabad, India


6 POINTS(x7)

Fir forest-
a ChristmasTree
in each home

Emil Marin


deep forest -
I search thoroughly for you
on Google

Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania


sunrise in the forest -
a black dog runs
in my shadow

Giovanna Restuccia
Messina (Italy)


new moon
the bristlecone pines bow
with the Milky Way

Marilyn Ashbaugh
Edwardsburg, USA

thick forest
in your eyes only

Lyudmila Hristova,
Sofia, Bulgaria


millennial forest
on the hundred years old tree
one day old nestling

Henryk Czempiel
Strzelce Opolskie,


# 76
forests greenery
earth delights to feel bare feet
of the citizens

lakshay gandotra


5 POINTS(x4)

fumes above the forest
darkly smoked clouds
are predicting rain

Minko Tanev,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


# 25
Before the rain
a thunder disturbs
the forest sleep

Constantin Stroe


forest in the spring
I find once again
new green shades

Jurate Norvaisiene
Mazeikiai, Lithuania


forest rain . . .
your voice lulls me
to dream again

Christine L. Villa
North Highlands, USA


4 POINTS(x3)

spring -
in the forest's green light

John McDonald
Edinburgh, Scotland


a robin
on the pine

Sudebi Singha



planted forest -
catching the silence
of leaf transpiration

Goran Gatalica,
Zagreb, Croatia


3 POINTS(x10)

forest sounds
I huddle up in a puddle
of moonlight

Vandana Parashar



in the magical wood
trills of nightingale-
my dear , where are you?

Adina Enachescu


the raised perch
of our first kiss

Eleonore Nickolay
Vaires sur Marne


the rainforest
loses a way in a sky
flock of birds

Wiesław Karliński,
Namysłów, Poland


sunny glade . . .
the loud entrance
of a bee

Marion Clarke
Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


after storm -
the forest`s shade
floods the valley

Florin Golban,
Bucuresti, Romania


the green way
under century-old trees
a deer is coming

Antoaneta Pavlova,
Bulgaria, Plovdiv


harmattan breeze
embers from forest fire
visit us at home

Adjei Agyei-Baah
Kumasi, Ghana


deep in the woods
the sound of lighting
on falling leaves

Cristina Apetrei
Botosani, Romania


2 POINTS(x6)

# 11
on the dead tree
white fungus...
or a butterfly

Phyllis Lee
Sebring, Ohio ,USA
(2,0,0) = 2


a song thrush
in the forest competes with
the sound of rain

Tomislav Maretić


sunrise —
along with the chainsaw's song
the forest awakening

Minh-Triêt Pham
Paris, France


the snarl of the hand-saw
uprooted trees
a stream of resin tears

Ivanka Yankova,
Asenograd, Bulgaria


forest silence -
the music of living
fills our street

James Dobson,
Prudhoe, UK.


on the forest floor
trickle, trickle down

Mark Gilbert


1 POINT(x5)

rainforest ginko
a blood trail leads
to the hut's door

Barbara A. Taylor
Mountain Top, NSW


I cling to the lianas
the mosquitoes to my legs

RANIERI Christiane


in the woods I stand
among cyclamens - on each
hung a honey bee

D.V.Rozic Ivanic-Grad,


no memory of
the tree under which she hid
her treasure box

Marcellin Dallaire
Beaumont Brussels, Belgium



United Korea -
by denuclearization
of northern forests

Gheorghe Postelnicu,
Bucharest, Romania


forest fire
the smell of death swirls to the sky

Marina Bellini
Bagnolo San Vito (MN) - Italy

drought — roaring reds and yellows the forest fire

Ignatius Fay Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


draped in darkness her resentment deepens— rainforest

Michael H. Lester Los Angeles USA


no forest
on the body of my love
beginning of summer

Dainius Dirgela
Vilnius, Lithuania


sunshine on first green...
my child running through the forest
calls mom, I am here

Goda V. Bendoraitiene
Klaipeda, Lithuania


# 33
the wheel marks in the forest
a small puppy wander
tied to a pine trunk

Nijolė Kerušauskienė
Kaunas, Lithuania


# 34
abandoned rail track
tusks log in nature forest
elephant hauling

Somayajulu Musunuri
Hyderabad, India



limb to limb
united they remain-

Munia Khan
Dhaka, Bangladesh


rings of a giant Redwood
all these histories

Mark Gilfillan
London - England


peace with my hell...
white flower petal confetti
on the forest path

Dawn Apanius Hudson,
Ohio USA


night forest
I roam
in heartache

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
Centerville, Ohio, USA


octogenarian -
a speck of black forest
on her quivering lips

Arvinder kaur,
Chandigarh, India



the winding path
through the leafy forest
road trip

Nancy Brady
Huron, USA



the verdant forest throbbing
with color

Gautam Nadkarni
Mumbai, India

**Haiku no.4,27 and 63 were cancelled as the votes

 were sent as a reply to the ballot mail.Please don't do this.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all who participated. We look forward to your participation in the 25th Indian Kukai.


Indian Kukai