Thursday, October 31, 2019

Call for Entries-Indian Kukai # 30- November 2019

Namaste! Hello!

We welcome you to the 30th edition of Indian Kukai. 

Indian Kukai comes to you from IN haiku group, which was formed by few like-minded haiku poets at the Haiku Utsav in February of 2013 – for exploring, promoting, enjoying and sinking deeper into the intricacies of this beautiful art form.

We request you to bookmark or follow our blog, Indian Kukai @

Topics and results will be posted to this blog only. We’ll send you the ballot to the mail ID you use to enter the kukai.

The topic for Indian Kukai #30 is BONFIRE

The word need not be used in the haiku, but the haiku should be showing the topic clearly.

Submission Period:
FRIDAY – 1st November to FRIDAY – 22nd November 2019 (12 NOON INDIAN STANDARD TIME)

Voting Period:
THURSDAY –28th  November to WEDNESDAY – 4th December 2019(12 NOON INDIAN STANDARD TIME)


( Note that INDIAN STANDARD TIME is 5:30 Hours ahead of GMT)

Results no later than SUNDAY 15th DECEMBER,2019


  • Participants may send no more than ONE HAIKU ENTRY on the topic. No haiga entries please. Only haiku in English shall be accepted.Please do not leave extra gap between lines of the haiku.
  • If you keep extra gap intentionally,please mention it. 
  • Please do not enter any previously published haiku. Publication includes personal blogs, journals, Facebook, print or websites. Also, please do not use any obscene words in your haiku. We wish to keep the Indian Kukai free of such words.
  • All haiku entries are to remain anonymous till we publish the results.Any shared information or discussion about your entries in any group or forum, will be considered a violation of the rule.
  •  If you submit a haiku to the kukai, then voting is mandatory.
  • If you fail to vote during the voting period, then your haiku will be shown without ranking points in the results.
How to enter?
  1. Send one haiku to our email id:
  2. Only haiku in English shall be accepted.
  3. The subject for correspondence will be “Indian Kukai #30 (Bonfire) – My Entry”
  4. Please sign your haiku with your name and place of residence (city, country).
  5. The acknowledgement for the same will come at most by the weekend after we receive your entry.
  6. Write your entry in the body of the mail, left aligned. Attachments will not be considered.
  7. We will send a ballot mail with the entries to those who have entered, once the submission period closes.

Guidelines for Voting Period:
  •  those who have submitted an entry to this edition of the kukai can vote.
  • We will send you an e-mail with the entries numbered and made anonymous.
  • You will have 6 points to use in total, no more than 3 marks to any one haiku entry. All 6 points must be used.
  • Send all your votes in one e-mail to our email id: with the subject for correspondence as "Indian Kukai #30(Bonfire) - My Votes". We request you not to reply to the ballot mail itself, as it will help us to tally your votes easily.
  • The acknowledgement for the same will come at most by the weekend after we receive your vote mail.
  • Please do not vote for your own entry. Such votes will result in all your votes being rejected.
  • Order your votes in the same order as in list.
          For eg:
          #01 -- 3 points
          #06 -- 1 points
          #25 -- 2 points
  • Once voting period closes, the results will be published on this blog. We will intimate the publishing of results on blog via a mail as well.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Winners' Certificates of Indian Kukai #29

The certificates of top five winners  of 29th Indian Kukai are here :-


                                               WINNER-Eleonore Nickolay


2nd place

Kaiser v Kahn


3rd place

Mohammad Azim Khan


4th place

Marion Clarke


5th place(x2)

Goran Gatalica


Marta Chocilowska


Organizers,Indian Kukai

Friday, September 13, 2019

Results of the 29th Indian Kukai

We conclude the 29th edition of the Indian Kukai 

59 participants took part in the 29th Indian Kukai.

The theme was ROAD.

Eleonore Nickolay from France wins First Place with 32 points.

Kaiser v Kahn from Germany takes  Second Place with 25 points.

Mohammad Azim Khan, from Peshawar Pakistan   takes the Third place with 21 points.

Marion Clarke from Northern Ireland is Fourth with 19 points.

Goran Gatalica, from Zagreb, Croatia and Marta Chocilowska from Warsaw, Poland shares fifth place with 14 points .

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you

who participated as well.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14 pts.


1st place :- 32 points 

# 49
traffic jam I let my thoughts run free

Eleonore Nickolay Vaires sur Marne France
(3,10, 3)=32


2nd place :25 points

# 57
flooded road a refugee convoy crossing the Milky Way

Kaiser v Kahn (Darmstadt, Germany)

(2,4,5)= 25


3rd place: 21 points

# 32
bombed city ...
the road without addresses

Mohammad Azim Khan, Peshawar Pakistan
(4,4,3)= 21 points


4th place: 19 points

# 01
hometown visit . . . roots resurfacing along the avenue

Marion Clarke Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland
(2,4,3)= 19 points


5th place (X2): 14 points

# 07

meandering road — my grandpa tries to forget Auschwitz

Goran Gatalica, 

Zagreb, Croatia
(3,1,3)= 14 points


crossroads a signpost's arm points to the sky

Marta Chocilowska Warsaw, Poland
(5,3,1)= 14 points


6th place(x2) : 12 points

# 44 

flooded road
in a rescue boat baby's first cry

Sudebi Singha Kolkata, INDIA

(0,3,2)= 12 points


a fork in the road I take the path taken by the wildflowers

sanjuktaa asopa Belgaum, India
(1,1,3)= 12 points


7th place 
(x2)  : 11 points

raining I pick up the hitchhiker looking like my son

Phyllis Lee Sebring, Oh USA
(0,1,3) =11 points 


the path home a taste of wild blackberries in her kiss

RANIERI Christiane France
(3,1,2) =11 points 


8th Place : 10 points

down the lane to nowhere again — amnesia ward

Vinay Leo R. Bangalore, India.

(4,0,2)=10 points

9th place (X3)

country road the hoof prints in a wheel track

Nikolay Grankin

Russia, Krasnodar.
(4,1,1)=9 Points


heavy rainfall the road smells like a river

Marcellin Dallaire-Beaumont Brussels, Belgium

(2,2,1)=9 Points


deep silence overflowing onto the street the full moon

Gautam Nadkarni Mumbai, India

(0,3, 1)=9 Points


8 Points(x2)

moonlit road -- my shadow leads me homeward

James Dobson,
Prudhoe, UK.
(0,1,2)=8 points


intersection the different paths raindrops take

Anitha Varma,

Kerala, India.
(4,2,0)=8 points


7 Points(X4)

urbanization — a highway cuts the landscape in half

Minh-Triêt Pham Paris, France



the Silk Road-- a truck overtaking caravans

Teiichi Suzuki Osaka city , Japan



Sleepy red poppies along the dusty road butterfly and me

Ruzica Soldo Siroki Brijeg Bosnia and Herzegovina


flight to Kabul - stars disappear one by one

Florin Golban, Bucuresti, Romania


6 Points(x5)

we learn to walk on the same road – couple therapy

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara Galaţi, Romania




El Camino bigger and bigger my backpack shadow

Radka Mindova Bulgaria, Sliven city




flowing fog on the road I recognize my old lost pa by his walk

Goda V. Bendoraitienė Klaipėda, Lithuania




the divorce one way for the wind and me

Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lituania




road kill feasting crows dare passing vehicles

Adjei Agyei-Baah Ghana /New Zealand


5 Points(x4)


GPS out of order a sunbeam draws the route on the map

Lyudmila Hristova, Sofia, Bulgaria


walking home my hand tight around the pepper spray

Vandana Parashar Panchkula India (0,1,1)


lonesome Fuji will it reach the peak the scent of cherry blossom

Dorota Ocińska Polska, Łódź


rain-slicked roads a slip of the tongue

Nancy Brady Huron, USA
(0, 1,1)


4 Points(x6)  


celestial patterns which road will my soul take

Marina Bellini Bagnolo San Vito (MN) - Italy




crossroad we both took the different ways

Nijolė Kerušauskienė, Kaunas, Lithuania


# 24

in the car on my knee the dog's paw

Pepa Odjakova Plovdiv, Bulgaria



# 29
Yellow leaves dancing on the rainy road autumn and me

Zdenko Cavar Knespolje Bosnia and Herzegovina



circle road all the exits under construction

Dainius Dirgela Vilnius, Lithuania



commuting without makeup harmattan dust storm

Billy Antonio Laoac, Philippines



3 Point(x4) 


corn pollen
on the bumble bee’s back . . . end of the road

Marilyn Ashbaugh, Edwardsburg, USA




cyclonic winds
another gumtree blocks the road

Barbara A. Taylor Mountain Top, NSW Australia




journey of life -
more and more to see along the road

Wiesław Karliński,(Carley) Namysłów, Poland




sleet -
a bunch of gerberas by the roadside

Giovanna Restuccia Modena Italy


2 Point(x6) 

along the emigrant road growing thicker

John McDonald Edinburgh Scotland




Crescent moon -
comes to a crossroads the usual road

Pasquale Asprea




Mountain village
longing for the spring frozen road

Gabrijela Susak Mokro Bosnia and Herzegovina




long journey
the mountain meanders to pebbles

Kumarendra Mallick

Hyderabad , India


hometown road
blowing the seeds off a dandelion globe

Cristina Apetrei Botosani,Romania



distant hoofbeats hesitation of the snail on the road's edge

Henryk Czempiel Strzelce Opolskie, Poland



1 Point(x4) 

tobacco road— a warbler sings in the bush where father died

Michael H. Lester Los Angeles CA USA



magic roundabout my daughter learns to pirouette

Ingrid Baluchi Ohrid, Macedonia




missing dad... show me the road to heaven

Munia Khan Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh



unresolved address-- at the end of a road a blooming gulmohar

Neelam Dadhwal Chandigarh, India




# 4
crossroad in forest - car horns and pigeons sexual calling
Nicu Stopel Bucharest Romania



sun shower tennis ball hockey breaks for traffic

Ignatius Fay, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada


# 14
road map - no more plane marks left in the sky

Ana Drobot Bucharest, Romania


# 27
chrysanthemum- on their road to pyre
Lakshmi Iyer Chennai India


# 31
without any road follows sunflower its sun

Jurate Norvaisiene

Mazeikiai, Lithuania


a new road . . . some elephants are curious

Mark Gilbert Nottingham, UK



the mud-pie my daughter asks me to try bitter way home

Radostina Dragostinova Sofia, Bulgaria



hitchhike virgin girls - allusion to spring autumn of old man




mountain journey on the zigzag coastal road sunflowers for company

Carol Raisfeld, New York, USA



On her tanned knees an old wooden labyrinth box the hum of the road

Richard Jodoin Montréal Canada

We look forward to your participation in the 30th Indian Kukai .


Indian Kukai