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Results - Indian Kukai #6 Cloud (July 2014)

Namaste! Sat-Sri-Akal! Namaskara! Vanakkam! Bonjour! Khuda Hafiz! and of course Howdy!

Thank you, haiku poets and friends, for participating in this 6th edition of the Indian Kukai and sharing your different perspectives on what a cloud means to you.

We had 78 poets from 17 countries who participated this time.

Australia (3), Bulgaria (5), Canada (3), Croatia (1), England (2), France (2), India (35), Israel (2), Indonesia (1), Lithuania (3), Northern Ireland (1), Philippines (1), Poland (2), Romania (6), Scotland (1), Serbia (1), and United States of America (9).

Our congratulations to you all.


The winner of the 6th edition of Indian Kukai is Sondra J. Byrnes of South Bend, USA (35 points), followed very closely by Carl Seguiban of Vancouver, Canada (33 points).

Other top finishers are Eduard Tara (Iasi, Romania), Rita Odeh (Nazareth, Israel) and Susan Burch (Hagerstown, USA).

The results are displayed as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt +1*3pt =5+6+3 = 14pts.

Results are as below:

First Place, Entry no. 8, 35 Points

broken clouds
the space between
you and me

Sondra J. Byrnes


Second Place, Entry no. 64, 33 Points

overcast sky —
a field of daffodils
holding the sun

Carl Seguiban


Third Place, Entry no. 12, 27 Points

rice field –
a farmer wading
through the clouds

Eduard Tara


Fourth Place, Entry no. 5, 24 Points

late summer clouds-
a fisher man casts his line
into memories

Rita Odeh


Fifth Place, Entry no. 45, 22 Points

cloudy night -
no stars to wish
his cancer away

Susan Burch


18 Points (3)

Entry no. 1

summer idleness --
once again finding
shapes in clouds

Archana Kapoor Nagpal
Bangalore, India

Entry no. 19

cloud cover...
I read her appointment letter
from the eye clinic

Marion Clarke
Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland

Entry no. 35

shifting clouds
my child sees the things
I used to see

Billy Antonio
Pangasinan, Philippines


16 Points, Entry no. 69

cloudburst --
the sudden flood
of her memories

Vinay Leo R.
Bangalore, India


14 Points, Entry no. 48

cloud break—
bursting through my window
a robin's song

Christine L. Villa
North Highlands, USA


13 Points (3)

Entry no. 16

white clouds over blue sea lifeguard's whistle

Freddy Ben-Arroyo
Haifa, Israel

Entry no. 49

drifting clouds
will you carry my tears
over the mountain

Jayashree Maniyil
Melbourne, Australia

Entry no. 53

a swing -
my childhood reaching
the clouds

Diana Teneva
Haskovo, Bulgaria


12 Points (3)

Entry no. 21

clouds passing by…
I track my thoughts
until hill’s edge

Seshu Chamarty
Hyderabad, India

Entry no. 23

night cloud
hanging above the city
an ink blot

Gergana Yaninska
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Entry no. 70

clear sky:
the moon is hidden
by my fingertip

Harshavardhan Sushant
Chennai, India

11 Points, Entry no. 22

whipped cream floats across
blue summer skies ~
the cat licks her lips

Sandra Martyres
Mumbai, India


10 Points (4)

Entry no. 6

passing thought:

John McDonald
Edinburgh, Scotland

Entry no. 15

cloud my vision:
open casket

Deborah Guzzi

Entry no. 27

murky clouds...
Basho's frog leaps
into itself

Shloka Shankar
Bangalore, India

Entry no. 36

dry land-
farmer’s child  cuts out
paper clouds

Daniela Lăcrămioara
Galaţi, Romania


9 Points (3)

Entry no. 2

ringing bells...
through the clouds
sudden rain

Neelam Dadhwal
Chandigarh, India

Entry no. 54

the wind
ties up the kite
for the cloud

Hristina Pandzharidis

Entry no. 58

sting of ginger tea...
a skein of geese gets lost
among the clouds

Anitha Varma
Kochi, India


8 Points (5)

Entry no. 3

The sun is back -
cumulus clouds float
in the rain pool.

Zhanna P. Rader
Athens, USA

Entry no. 20

full of rain
bidding farewell at the airport
dark clouds in mother's eyes

Vinita Agrawal
Mumbai, India

Entry no. 28

parting clouds
a baby elephant follows
his mother

Ajaya Mahala
Pune, India

Entry no. 33

mist in a mountain
inhale exhale
the cloud

Andrius Luneckas
Vilnius, Lithuania

Entry no. 62

monsoon clouds
a silent prayer passes
a farmer

Poornima Laxmeshwar
Bangalore, India


7 Points, Entry no. 46

downy pillow –
my tired head sinking
into a cloud

Devin Harrison
Vancouver Island, Canada


6 Points, Entry no. 59

backlit clouds...
once again, believing

in the moon
Belgaum, India


5 Points (6)

Entry no. 25

after the drizzle
the remnants of poetry
in a cloud's belly

Paresh Tiwari
Hyderabad, India

Entry no. 38

puffy clouds
above his head...
chain smoker

Chennai, India

Entry no. 40

cycling through
the village – mackerel clouds
float in the puddles

Tomislav Maretić
Zagreb, Croatia

Entry no. 55

rain puddle-
a peacock's dance on
sun kissed clouds

Yesha Shah
Surat, India

Entry no. 72

clouds play
the flute's tune,
Radha aspray

Anita Kapoor
Union City, USA

Entry no. 73

lull in the rainfall—
clouds rest
atop a hill

Pranav Kodial
Dahanu, India


4 Points (2)

Entry no. 63

moving fast
they merged...
one big cloud

Glory Sasikala
Chennai, India

Entry no. 71

full moon
in the clouds
my dreams

Robert Kania
Warsaw, Poland


3 Points (7)

Entry no. 4

summer sky...
a restless cloud swimming
in a pool of water

Keith A. Simmonds
Rodez, France

Entry no. 17

twilight clouds -
hit by the first raindrop
riverside gossip

Ramesh Anand
Seattle, USA

Entry no. 29

a stormy sky
for my wedding...
tear on my cheek

Marie-Alice MAIRE
Rungis, France

Entry no. 30

the tears of dark clouds
fell on the hot thirsty Earth
new soft life began

Tahera Mannan
Nagpur, India

Entry no. 39

a lone cloud -
my mother's dupatta*
in scorching sun

* a long scarf worn by Indian women which they also use to protect/shield their children

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India

Entry no. 66

field mice beat the farmer
to his hut

Samar Ghose

Entry no. 77

clouds over the dried pond
a nearly dead frog
stretching its legs

Florin Florian
Botosani, Romania


2 Points (7)

Entry no. 7

Moon river
in the hair the wind's
clouds of fireflies

Ruzha Velcheva
Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Entry no. 18

cloud clusters
hide the blue-sky day...
valley of shadows

Dawn Bruce
Sydney, Australia

Entry no. 43

A cloudless sky
The rain still falls
On a withered rose

Kasturi Jadhav
Mumbai, India

Entry no. 47

grey, dark, ugly clouds
beauty! peacock color-fan-spread

Neelam Sangwai
Mumbai, India

Entry no. 60

late november...
the moon plays ankhmicholi*
with clouds

*Hindi for hide and seek

Tanvi Nishchal
Delhi, India

Entry no. 65

fifty shades of grey
rain on an eternal smile
and a melting heart

B. Lal
Calcutta, India

Entry no. 78

with his leather bag —
cloud water-carrier

Rajiv Goel
New Delhi, India


1 Point (5)

Entry no. 10

A heavy burden
released in torrents
frogs venture out

Praveen Menon
Bangalore, India

Entry no. 11

dream drawings...
still keep me guessing –
ladder to a cloud

Goda V. Bendoraitiene
Klaipeda, Lithuania

Entry no. 56

drifting clouds-
melting scoops of
ice cream?

Bangalore, India

Entry no 68

hanging low
soft drizzles
melting souls

Neha Goyal
Jaipur, India

Entry no. 76

road is lost 
ships of hidden Stars
terror of cloud

Vibha Rani Shrivastava
Begusarai, India


Sorry, no points this time

Entry no. 9

fluffy clouds
missing milk in her
roadside tumbler

Rochelle Potkar
Mumbai, India

Entry no. 13

gunpowder smell -
from the blackish clouds
over Black Sea coast

Gheorghe Postelnicu
DRIDIH550, Romania

Entry no. 14

pearls in circle
the threads of clouds are carried by
the mountain tops

Tatjana Debeljački

Entry no. 24

white cloud...
a kind of home where you are waiting
for me

Lavana Kray
Iasi, Romania

Entry no. 26

cottony clouds
obnubilate the suburb rush
the muazzin's call

Ken Sawitri
Jakarta, Indonesia

Entry no. 31

the cloudly morning –
crumpled bedclothes and lipstick
on the glas

Krzysztof Kokot
Nowy Targ, Poland

Entry no. 32

midsummer clouds
portals to stormy worlds
hidden behind the sky

Ingrid Jend
Cambridge, UK

Entry no. 37

Fluff of cloud
a sleeping baby
The rain

Reshmy Warrier
Mumbai, India

Entry no. 41

the flight home
long ago forgotten
shapes of clouds

Artūras Šilanskas
Vilnius, Lithuania

Entry no. 42

still cloudless day,
the air shimmering
as the traffic stands still

Arnaz Raioman Mehta
​Pune, India​

Entry no. 44

no silver lining
only her lined up smiles
rainy clouds

Purushotham Rao Ravela
Nolensville, USA

Entry no. 50

Frayed clouds
over a mango tree
young feet dangle

Richard Jodoin
Montréal, Canada

Entry no. 51

clouds caress the
meditating mountains –
cool crepescule

S.B.Vadivel Rajan
Chennai, India

Entry no. 52

pink cloud
creeps over trees
the street

Iliyana Deleva
Sofia, Bulgaria

Entry no. 57

lake view --
the hills watch the wigs
of cloud

Kumarendra Mallick
Hyderabad, India

Entry no. 67

a poodle
waiting for me to blink
this patch of clouds

G. Akila
Hyderabad, India

Entry no. 75

i ride on a cloud

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
Birmingham, UK


Votes not received

Entry no. 34

a frog
plops in
muddying the cloud

Vishnu P Kapoor
Chennai, India

Entry no. 74

traffic jam-
nonchalantly passing
the clouds

Ailoaei Cristina

Entry no. 61

cloudless day
a raven turning
my sky so blue

Sandi Pray


We thank again everyone who helped to make this edition of the Kukai a success.

The next edition of the Indian Kukai will be in September 2014. 

Till then,

Indian Kukai from IN haiku