Monday, May 02, 2016

Call for Entries- Indian Kukai # 16 - May 2016

Namaste! Hello!

We welcome you to the 16th edition of Indian Kukai.

Indian Kukai comes to you from IN haiku group, which was formed by few like-minded haiku poets at the Haiku Utsav in February of 2013 – for exploring, promoting, enjoying and sinking deeper into the intricacies of this beautiful art form.

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Topics and results will be posted to this blog only. We’ll send you the ballot to the mail ID you use to enter the kukai.

The topic for Indian Kukai #16 is

The word need not be used in the haiku, but the haiku should be showing the topic clearly.

Submission Period:

Voting Period:

Results no later than:
 TUE – 7th JUNE 2016

·                     Participants may send no more than ONE HAIKU ENTRY on the topic. No haiga entries please. Only haiku in English shall be accepted.Please do not leave extra gap between lines of the haiku.For example,you should not send your haiku like :

faded album-

all the missing colours

of my childhood

rather you should send it like :

faded album-
all the missing colours
of my childhood

If you keep extra gap intentionally,please mention it.

·                     Please do not enter any previously published haiku. Publication includes personal blogs, journals, Facebook, print or websites. Also, please do not use any obscene words in your haiku. We wish to keep the Indian Kukai free of such words.
·                     All haiku entries are to remain anonymous till we publish the results.Any shared information or discussion about your entries in any group or forum, will be considered a violation of the rule.
·                     If you submit a haiku to the kukai, then voting is mandatory.
·                     If you fail to vote during the voting period, then your haiku will be shown without ranking points in the results.

How to enter?
1.                   Send one haiku to our email id:
2.                  Only haiku in English shall be accepted.
3.                  The subject for correspondence will be “Indian Kukai #16 (Butterfly) – My Entry”
4.                  Please sign your haiku with your name and place of residence (city, country).
5.                   The acknowledgement for the same will come at most by the weekend after we receive your entry.
6.                  Write your entry in the body of the mail, left aligned. Attachments will not be considered.
7.                   We will send a ballot mail with the entries to those who have entered, once the submission period closes.

Guidelines for Voting Period:
·                     Only those who have submitted an entry to this edition of the kukai can vote.
·                     We will send you an e-mail with the entries numbered and made anonymous.
·                     You will have 6 points to use in total, no more than 3 marks to any one haiku entry. All 6 points must be used.
·                     Send all your votes in one e-mail to our email id: with the subject for correspondence as "Indian Kukai #16 (Butterfly) - My Votes". We request you not to reply to the ballot mail itself, as it will help us to tally your votes easily.
·                     The acknowledgement for the same will come at most by the weekend after we receive your vote mail.
·                     Please do not vote for your own entry. Such votes will result in all your votes being rejected.
·                     Order your votes in the same order as in list.

For eg:
#01 -- 3 points
#06 -- 1 points
#25 -- 2 points
·                     Once voting period closes, the results will be published on this blog. We will intimate the publishing of results on blog via a mail as well.

Welcome again, and we hope you enjoy this edition of Indian Kukai.


Organizers, Indian Kukai.