Monday, September 23, 2013

Results - The Indian Kukai #01 - Theme "Music"


Congratulations to Nandini Nair, winner of the first Indian Kukai, and others in the top 5 ... Arvinder Kaur, Sanjuktaa, RK Sameer, Yesha Shah and Paresh Tiwari.

Results displayed as (5,3,1)=5*1pt votes + 3*2pt votes + 1*3pt votes = 5+6+3 = 14 pts

Winner, 28 POINTS

Entry #14

my baby's heartbeat
against mine -
the rhythm for our lullaby

Nandini Nair
Pune, India


2nd Place, 22 POINTS

Entry #12

distant echoes--
a murmuring brook
in her anklets

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India


3rd Place, 19 POINTS

Entry #31

misty moon-
I almost remember
that song dad used to sing

Belgaum, India


4th Place, 15 POINTS

Entry #08

another winter night...
the lone watchman's
same whistle tune

RK Sameer
Manipal, India


5th Place Tie, 12 POINTS (2)

Entry #11

evening raga -
the prussian wing-tips
of a blue jay

Paresh Tiwari
Hyderabad, India


Entry #21

temple bells...
memories of childhood
merge with the hymns

Yesha Shah
Surat, India


Results Continues...

10 POINTS(1)

Entry #22

open window:
memories enter
on the wings of an old song

Chitra Rajappa
Bangalore, India


9 POINTS (2)

Entry #02

blossoms sway
an old song breathes
through my mind

Kala Ramesh
Mumbai, India


Entry #25

replete with birdsong...
the mango tree

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Mumbai, India


8 POINTS (1)

Entry #32

parched earth —
I yearn for the raga
of rain

Gautam Nadkarni
Mumbai, India


7 POINTS (3)

Entry #13

doves on a cable –
musical notations
of a spring sonata

Pune, India


Entry #16

boatman's song
across the river…
the Brahminy Kite

Anitha Varma
Ernakulam, India


Entry #19

Vande Mataram*…
fingerspelling muses
for the disabled

*National Song of India

Pravat Kumar Padhy,
Odisha, India


6 POINTS (2)

Entry #07

jazzy night ...
silent notes sparkle
in the sky

Jayashree Maniyil
Melbourne, Australia


Entry #10

long day...
child's first cry

Hema Ravi
Chennai, India


5 POINTS (4)

Entry #06

music in 3-D --
the ripples of moonlight dance
in Yamuna

Kumarendra Mallick
Hyderabad, India


Entry #09

fall's music
the cry of crows
circles a crow

Ramesh Anand
Suzhou, China


Entry #18

croaking frog -
setting rhythm
for my next poem

SB Vadivelrajan
Thirukadayur, India


Entry #24

A Gulmohar tree draining her fire
In a jugalbandhi*
of wind and rainwater.

*jugalbandhi - in Indian music, a duet involving two musicians, either vocalists or instrumentalists

Rochelle Potkar
Mumbai, India


4 POINTS (2)

Entry #28

moving the strings
in time to cosmic rhythms -
tuning the very soul

Praveen Menon
Bangalore, India


Entry #33

cuckoos’ song…
the jungle of brick & mortar

Arman Varma
Kanpur, India


3 POINTS (3)

Entry #01

autumn sunset -
yesterday's hits remix
my memories

Madras, India


Entry #15

An expectant sky
The pangs of pain
In synchronous rigour

Reshmy Warrier
Mumbai, India


Entry #30

near dawn
someone in my neighborhood
practicing sa re ga ma

Quamrul Hassan
Dhaka, Bangladesh


2 POINTS (2)

Entry #05

Rumbling skies
Pitter-patter shower
Rain rhapsody!

Murali Raman
Mumbai, India


Entry #29

neighbour's song practice-
all the dogs of the street
joins him

Burdwan, India


1 POINT (1)

Entry #27

after the shooting star-
chant the wish list
in a single note

Kavya Kavuri
Hyderabad, India



Entry #04

Splashing waterfalls
cut noise farther
I standing on bank of river.

Neelam Dadhwal
Punjab, India

Entry #17

Your rhythm goes into
My window of emotion
For lovely music

Biswajit Ganguly
Kolkata, India

Entry #23

baby in swing
enjoys the octave

Guntur, India

Entry #26

a star is born
'once more' for the
standby artist

Tushar Gandhi
Mumbai, India


Entry #20

delicate fingers
touching zebra stripes with love
blessings from above

Tahera Mannan
Nagpur, India

Entry #34

he sound of his flute
awakens our conscience -
a blind beggar

Sandra Martyres
Mumbai, India


Thanks to everyone who participated in this edition. We now have an idea on what needs to be done for the next edition. We’ve had fun reading your haiku as well.

Till next time,

Indian Kukai from IN haiku.