Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Results of the 26th Indian Kukai

We conclude the 26th edition of the Indian Kukai 


73 participants took part in the 26th Indian Kukai.

The theme of this edition was Fireplace

This time the winner is   Henryk Czempiel from Poland  with 39 points. 

Arvinder kaur, from India takes the runner-up slot with 29 points.

Sanjuktaa Asopa from India is third with 20 points.

Lucy Whitehead,  takes the 4th place with 19 points.

5th place is shared by  Jurate Norvaisiene from Lithuania and Teiichi Suzuki from Japan with 14 points.

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you 

who participated as well.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14 pts.


1st place: 39 POINTS


from love and divorce letters
the same gray ash

 Henryk Czempiel
 Strzelce Opolskie, Poland

(3,9,6) =39


2nd place: 29 POINTS


cold fireplace -
the warmth of grandpa’s stories
long after

Arvinder kaur,Chandigarh , India



3rd place: 20 POINTS


fireplace logs
the way his promises

Sanjuktaa Asopa



4th place : 19 POINTS

first snowfall
a dish of butter softens
beside the fire

Lucy Whitehead,
Essex, UK



5th place(X 2): 14 POINTS


abandoned house-- 
setting sun through broken windows
lights a fireplace

Teiichi Suzuki
Osaka, Japan




evening fireplace
I exchange places with
my own shadow

Jurate Norvaisiene
Mazeikiai, Lithuania



6th place : 13 POINTS(x3)


old fireplace –
so many shades of red
in the evening sky

Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)



another log
in the fireplace ...
a promise to keep

Billy Antonio
Laoac, Philippines




folding sighs into
her kimono

Florin Florian
botosani, Romania



7th place : 12 POINTS


crackling embers the way you leave me wanting for more

Christine L. Villa North Highlands, USA



8th place : 11 POINTS

# 67

fireplace an extra degree warmer in grandma's lap

Kumarendra Mallick Hyderabad,India



9th place : 10 POINTS

evening at the fireplace dancing shadows of the motionless things

Nikolay Grankin( Гранкин Николай) Russia, Krasnodar



dancing light-- I remember the heat from his pyre

Ashish Narain Manila, Philippines


dancing flames a satisfied hum from her armchair

Mark Gilbert Nottingham, UK

(4,3,0)= 10

10th place (X 5) : 9 POINTS

drying herbs along the kitchen rafters …warm hearth

Ignatius Fay Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

(1,4,0)= 9



fireplace the trembling shadows of the souvenirs

Eleonore Nickolay Vaires sur Marne France

(4,1,1)= 9



lighting the fireplace with world news... old newspapers

Lyudmila Hristova,

Sofia, Bulgaria
(3,3,0)= 9


# 51

winter blast— coals in the fireplace speaking softly

Sondra J. Byrnes Santa Fe, New Mexico

(3,0,2)= 9


# 70

dying embers— just for a moment glowing more than her face

Rashmi Vesa Bengaluru,India.

(1,1,2)= 9


8 POINTS(x3)

nightly window in the fire of the fireplace constellations shine

Minko Tanev, Plovdiv, Bulgaria




ember rain
the remains of our home
a fireplace

Marilyn Ashbaugh
Edwardsburg, USA

(1,2, 1)=8


what’s left of me
after you’re gone -
dying embers

Susan Burch,
Hagerstown, USA



7 POINTS(x2)

# 17
firewood neatly stored
the hearth empty and cold
since he has gone

Marina Bellini
Bagnolo San Vito (MN) - Italy




dislodged log
sudden sparkles
in her eyes

Barbara A. Taylor
Mountain Top, NSW



6 POINTS(x4)


sitting round the fire
they watch the dramas
in the flames

John McDonald
Edinburgh Scotland



grandma is watching
a cat's sleep

Vasile Moldovan,(Don Basilio)


open fire
a burning smell
in the cat's fur

Marie Derley




forbidden love
hiding the secrets
the burning fireplace

Pepa Odjakova
Plovdiv, Bulgaria 



5 POINTS(x7)


ashes in fireplace…
somewhere deep inside
left poetry

Goda V. Bendoraitiene
Klaipeda, Lithuania



# 22
hissing in water
extinguishing on embers 
removes phobias
Stoianka BOIANOVA,

(0,1,1) =5


midwinter -
grandfather lights his pipe
ember glow

Mohammad Azim Khan,
Peshawar Pakistan




abandoned house –
just the sun
warms up the fireplace

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara




firelight . . .
eyes closed he sips tea
from her favorite cup

Carol Raisfeld,
New York, USA




electric fireplace
how you held me
from a distance

Tia Haynes
Lakewood, USA




fireplace -
drinking wine

Mihail Buraga


4 POINTS(x5)

bitter cold -
beside stranger's fireplace
a small refugee  

Goran Gatalica,
Zagreb, Croatia




empty fireplace
my heart
after you

Radostina Dragostinova
(4, 0, 0)=4



softly the snow
and your hands

Giovanna Restuccia



alone in the dark
over the fireplace
fireflies dancе

Antoaneta Pavlova,
Plovdiv, Bulgaria




lighting the fireplace
your halo
regains strength

Cristina Apetrei
Botoșani, Romania



3 POINTS(x4)


by the place where the fire is
his eyes

Kath Abela Wilson
Pasadena, California




christmas eve-
tiny socks hanging above the fireplace
are filled secretly by parents

Shruti Manurkar
Pune, Maharashtra. 



sunny winter day
old cat’s dilemma
fireplace or roof

Wiesław Karliński(Carley)



home for good comfort of shifting coals

Marion Clarke Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland





sad puppy—
kitty gets the best spot
by the fireplace

Michael H. Lester
Los Angeles USA

(2,0,0)= 2



near the fireplace - are thawing the relationships with my mother-in-law

Dan Iulian, Bucharest-Romania




insomnia - rising shadows at the mouth of the stove

Florin Golban, Bucuresti, Romania




Snowbeds over the village- cracking in the old fireplace some dry woods

Alexandru-Emil MĂRIN, Bucharest, ROMÂNIA.




undying ember... the moment's thought of a firefly

Adjei Agyei-Baah




huddled over embers in the mud refugee kids’ cheerful smiles

Ingrid Baluchi




embers trees are worshiping low on the wind

Ivanka Yankova




fireplace — the black winter sun making itself at home

Minh-Triêt Pham (Paris, France)




sitting alone by fireplace 10 hours full HD

Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lituania




fireplace. . . the ways rough weather brings us together

Ajaya Mahala Jaipur, India




old fireplace still half burnt woods crossed in hearth

Sudebi Singha City - Kolkata Country - India




old fireplace... the little boy shoos lizards out of Santa’s way

Seshu Chamarty, Hyderabad, India.




warmth of the cinder – between me and her unspoken words reverberate

B.Vadivelrajan Chennai, India



1 POINT(x2)


late autumn the cat sleeps illuminated by the fireplace flame

Nijolė Kerušauskienė



too frozen to speak - they move to the fireplace to resume fighting

Sandra Martyres Mumbai - India




effervescent sparks Brut Rosé Champagne and his warmth

Anna Cates, Wilmington, Ohio (USA)



lovely migrant girls and american task force - on the fireplace

Postelnicu, Bucharest, Romania



cold night treasure- born to perish to keep us warm

Munia Khan Country: Dhaka, Bangladesh



natal house reviving buried memories the flames of the old fireplace

RANIERI Christiane France



cutted down forest cool fireplace burning man between

Dainius Dirgela Vilnius, Lithuania



Biting cold FIREPLACE Kissing beloved's burnt palm

Vibha rani Shrivastava




fireplace corner burning my vices hatred pride anger

Lakshmi Iyer Chennai,India



moon before yule.. twigs of the old year kindle hearth burning logs

Pat Geyer, USA



A cord of wood stacked in a dry place cheeks on fire

Richard Jodoin Montréal, Canada



cold hearth ...if only the grown-ups had learnt to talk, too

Vandana Parashar Chandimandir India



I'm putting on a log already sparkling green eyes

Dorota Ocińska, Polska



autumn evening she is mesmerized by the writhing flames

Nancy Brady, Huron, USA



bright fireplace -- nearby logs are safe from the night chill

James Dobson, Prudhoe, UK.


*Haiku#31 not shown in the final list as the contestant didn't send votes.

 We look forward to your participation in the 27th Indian Kukai .


Indian Kukai

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