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Results - Indian Kukai #5 Swing (May 2014)


Thank you, haiku poets and friends, for participating in this 5th edition of the Indian Kukai and sharing your poetic voices with us.

We had 68 poets from 20 countries who participated this time.

Australia (3), Bhutan (1), Bulgaria (1), Canada (2), Croatia (1), England (3), France (1), Germany (1), India (31), Israel (2), Lithuania (3), Northern Ireland (1), Oman (1), Philippines (1), Poland (1), Romania (5), Scotland (1), Serbia (1), Trinidad & Tobago (1), United States of America (7).

Congratulations to all.

The winner of the 5th edition of Indian Kukai is Paresh Tiwari.

Others in the top 5 are Arvinder Kaur, Tomislav Maretic, Archana Kapoor Nagpal and Christine Villa.

Results are displayed as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt +1*3pt =5+6+3 = 14pts.

Results are as below:

First Place, Entry no. 8, 37 Points

summer swing
I tickle the clouds
with my toes

Paresh Tiwari
Hyderabad, India.


Second Place, Entry no. 13, 25 Points

how gently
the porch swing moves -
grandma's lullaby

Arvinder Kaur
Chandigarh, India.


Third Place, Entry no. 54, 21 Points

spring drizzle –
all swings speckled
with petals

Tomislav Maretic
Zagreb, Croatia.


Fourth Place, Entry no. 14, 20 Points

a baby swings
in mother's womb --
midsummer lull

Archana Kapoor Nagpal
Bangalore, India.


Fifth Place, Entry no. 3, 19 Points

just before we kiss . . .
the soundless swing
of a wind chime

Christine L. Villa
North Highlands, U.S.A.


Other results follows:

18 Points, Entry no. 39

mood swings--
the silence before and
after the storm

Yesha Shah
Surat, India.


17 Points, Entry no. 68

the worn spot
under the swing—

Sondra Byrnes
South Bend, USA.


15 Points (2)

Entry no. 37

fruitless tree
the couple pushes
an empty swing

Billy Antonio
Laoac, Philippines.

(5,2,2)= 15

Entry no. 44

the time it takes
a swing to settle down...
night whispers

Rita Odeh
Nazareth, Israel.


14 Points, Entry no. 28

children park --
the mother pushes the laughter
back and forth

Kumarendra Mallick
Hyderabad, India.


12 Points, Entry no. 9

pendulum clock—
a fragment of memory
stored in each swing

Pranav Kodial
Dahanu, India.


11 Points, Entry no. 65

the old wooden swing –
still scratched on it
"Dan loves Ann"

Daniela Lăcrămioara
Galaţi, Romania.


10 Points (3)

Entry no. 6

evening breeze...
an empty swing stills
my mind

Shloka Shankar
Bangalore, India.


Entry no. 25

church bells -
fresh snow covering
the rusty swing

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă
Botoşani, Romania.


Entry no. 41

slow dance
after every swing
her shy smile

Poornima Laxmeshwar
Bangalore, India.


9 Points (3)

Entry no. 19

giant swing
the rise and fall of
cherry blossoms

Ramesh Anand
Bangalore, India.


Entry no. 24

neem tree...
i swing into my

Tanvi Nishchal
New Delhi, India.


Entry no. 62

grey leaves
in still sea...
to and fro

Aditya Ashribad
Bhubaneswar, India.


8 Points (5)

Entry no. 7

around the swing
shortest night

Diana Teneva
Haskova, Bulgaria.


Entry no. 17

swinging in her sling
the only baby
that lived

Susan Burch
Hagerstown, USA.


Entry no. 20

first winter snow
my daughter’s warmth lingers
on the empty swing

Ingrid Jend
Cambridge, England.


Entry no. 42

dreaming sky...
a broken swing sunk
in the bluebells

Sanjuktaa Asopa
Belgaum, India.


Entry no. 53

day-time moon
on the other end of a swing
imaginary friend

Artūras Šilanskas
Vilnius, Lithuania


7 Points (6)

Entry no. 5

leaving home . . .
the childhood swing
covered in snow

Sonam Chhoki
Thimphu, Bhutan.


Entry no. 29

A porch swing -
the old couple rocks
with feet on the ground.

Zhanna Rader
Athens, U.S.A.


Entry no. 35

no coin
for the Spring carnival --
father swings me

Deborah Guzzi
Monroe, USA.


Entry no. 36

storm of war-
a rusty swing balancing
for its self

Lavana Kray
Iași, Romania.


Entry no. 50

hometown visit . . .
sitting on Dad's swing
pushed by the wind

Marion Clarke
Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland.


Entry no. 60

screaming children
and the same screeching swing -
orange sunset

SB Vadivelrajan
Chennai, India.


6 Points, Entry no. 47

sitting on a swing
watching the sky-
I miss my young mother

Iqra Raza
New Delhi, India.


5 Points (6)

Entry no. 11

a rope
and a rubber tyre...
tree wanted

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
Thane, India.


Entry no. 16

the rush of wind
my sister's jhumkis
swing faster

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
Birmingham, England.


Entry no. 22

pushing the earth
with my legs, I swing . . .
sheer blue sky

Kala Ramesh
Pune, India.


Entry no. 38

pendulum -
swings the room
from side to side

John McDonald
Edinburgh, Scotland.


Entry no. 55

in the air
my tulip painted nails-
wooden swing

Lina Tandel
Virginia, USA.


Entry no. 59

pendulum clock
today she uses
a walking cane

Claudius Gottstein
Borgloh, Germany.


4 Points (7)

Entry no. 2

the orangutan
swings between the trees —
going solo

Jayashree Maniyil
Melbourne, Australia.


Entry no. 18

sun rays…
now there, now gone
on grandmother’s swing

Shobhana Kumar
Coimbatore, India.


Entry no. 23

enchanted bride...
smiles at the ocean
with every swing

Charishma Navneet Gupta
Muscat, Oman.


Entry no. 26

swinging hips -
smudged grease on the road
breaks the wolfgrin

Soumitra Saxena
Bhopal, India.


Entry no. 30

her plaits swing
as she skips in the sunlit park
wide horizon

Dawn Bruce
Sydney, Australia.


Entry no. 63

Sun and moon
Smiling in all senility
Mood swings

Reshmy Warrier
Mumbai, India.


Entry no. 64

sultry summer morn
under golden mangoes
swing silently stirs

Tahera Mannan
Nagpur, India.


3 Points (6)

Entry no. 1

the kid's swing
only birds sing on

Marie-Alice Maire
Rungis, France.


Entry no. 12

the Moon is new
jasmine under the pillow
swing in the sky

Tatjana Debeljački
Užice, Serbia.


Entry no. 27

laden sky...
swinging from a mere twig
the Chatak bird

Samar Ghose
Perth, Australia.


Entry no. 45

with one swing
the child throws out
a pail of rain

Alegria Imperial
Vancouver, Canada.


Entry no. 56

I move with swing
the existence stops. ..

Shabbir Shaikh
Selu, India.


Entry no. 57

springtime wind -
a girl sings a swing song
on a swing

Robert Kania
Warsaw, Poland.


2 Points(7)

Entry no. 4

the moon
now, swings on the roof…
children’s park

Akila G
Hyderabad, India.


Entry no. 21

on a high again
the rock bottom fades afar
papa's gentle push

Vardhini NC
Mumbai, India.


Entry no. 31

Swinging Pendulum-
With the dawning Realization
Heart Sighs

Manjusha M
Thrissur, India.


Entry no. 32

stopped swinging -
a baby's cry wakes up
the sleepy mother

Ajaya Mahala
Pune, India.


Entry no. 46

girls squat chattering
grandmother sits on the swing -
outdoor picnic

Gillena Cox
St. James, Trinidad & Tobago.


Entry no. 48

swinging between
delight and despair
my life see no surprises

Ellicott City, USA.


Entry no. 49

summer afternoon...
my son wishes to go higher
on a park swing

Harshavardhan Sushant
Pune, India.


1 Point (6)

Entry no. 34

face to face with serene –
acceptance of all
things as they are

Goda Bendoraitiene
Klaipeda, Lithuania.


Entry no. 43

from branch to branch
monkeys restlessly swing
no hidden mangoes

Sandra Martyres
Mumbai, India.


Entry no. 52

swing one way
all seasons in my favor...
first time in love

Seshu Chamarty
Hyderabad, India.


Entry no. 61

the grandfather
swinging on the swing ~
where's the grandson?

Freddy Ben-Arroyo
Haifa, Israel.


Entry no. 66

summer evening
swings in the street
tired rickshaw

Andrius Luneckas
Vilnius, Lithuania.


Entry no. 67

Safari luck --
staring at a tiger’s irises
the swing of breath

Rochelle Potkar
Mumbai, India.


No Points This Time, Sorry! (5)

Entry no. 15

child's electronic kite -
swinging and catcalling this spring
too many tanks on border

Nicu Stopel
Bucharest, Romania.

Entry no. 33

the hour bell --
there's nothing else it can do,
it swings on and on

Midnapur, India.

Entry no. 40

the sway of
her porch light signals
a storm

Sara Winteridge
The New Forest, England.

Entry no. 51

hip hop
pivoting around the globe
swing dancing

Devin Harrison
Vancouver Island, Canada.

Entry no. 58

naive bond for land
sways, front- up- down- and up- back
stomach butterflies

Neelam Sangwai
Mumbai, India.

Vote Unreceived (1)

Entry no. 10

childhood home...
garden snail mating
on the old swing

Gaby Csilla
Brașov, Romania.

Thanks. Our next edition will be in July 2014. See you then.


Organizers, Indian Kukai.

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