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Results - Indian Kukai #13 - Spider

Greetings, participants of the Indian Kukai #11.

Namaste! Bon jour! Alo!

We have completed another edition of the Indian Kukai, the thirteenth. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the participation and support that you have given us!

We had received entries from 97 haiku poets from 24 countries this time!

Australia (5), Bangladesh (1), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Bulgaria (4), Canada (2), Croatia (2), England (4), France (4), Germany (2), Ghana (3), India (31), Israel (1), Italy (3), Lithuania (4), Nepal (2), Northern Ireland (1), Philippines (1), Poland (6), Romania (10), Russia (1), Scotland (1), Ukraine (1), USA (6).

The winners of the Kukai this time are:

First: Ajaya Mahala (Pune, India)
Second: Adjei Agyei-Baah (Kumasi, Ghana)
Joint Third: Pepa Odjakova (Plovdiv, Bulgaria) & Archana Kapoor Nagpal (Bangalore, India)
Joint Fourth: Sanaa Dayal (Jaipur, India) & Andrzej Dembonczyk (Silesia Poland)
Joint Fifth: Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy (Birmingham, England) & Kripa Anand (Pune, India)

Votes displayed as ( 7, 4, 5 ) = 7 x 1pt votes + 4 x 2pt votes + 5 x 3pt votes = 7 + 8 + 15 = 30 pts

The complete results are below:

Winner (1)
Entry #6

winter wind
a spider web holds together
the swaying bamboos

Ajaya Mahala
[Pune, India]

Runner-up (1)
Entry #23

night reading
a hanging spider drops
into its shadow

Adjei Agyei-Baah
[Kumasi, Ghana]

Joint Third Place (2)
Entry #56

in a spider's hammock
my first doll

Archana Kapoor Nagpal
[Bangalore, India]

Entry #81

sharing the room
with a spider

Pepa Odjakova
[Plovdiv, Bulgaria]

Joint Fourth Place (2)
Entry #9

autumn walk
in her long hair
small spider

Andrzej Dembonczyk
[Silesia, Poland]

Entry #30

lace doilies...
a spider crochets
the mist

Sanaa Dayal
[Jaipur, India]

Joint Fifth Place (2)
Entry #1

eyes open
to a sunlit spider's web-
dream catcher

Kripa Anand
[Pune, India]

Entry #29

wet dusk—
a spider rocking
its rainbow

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
[Birmingham, England]


Sixth Place (1)
Entry #17

fractured enamel...
spiders knit
our wedding frame

Yesha Shah
[Surat, India]

Joint Seventh Place (4)
Entry #2

spider silk:
if only my grief
were as strong

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan
[Mumbai, India]

Entry #42

a dandelion wisp
caught in a spider's web -
wish list

Arvinder Kaur
[Chandigarh, India]

Entry #72

a spider chooses lines
on my palm

Nadezhda Stanilova
[Stara Zagora, Bulgaria]

Entry #91

cobwebbed window-
few more scars on the
face of the moon

Kashinath Karmakar
[Durgapur, India]

Joint Eighth Place (2)
Entry #5

in gossamer silk
old friendship

Margaret Conley
[Hunters Hill, Australia]

Entry #64

an orb weaver
hangs from a thread ...
clap of thunder

Dawn Bruce
[Sydney, Australia]

Joint Ninth Place (5)
Entry #11

Dew diamonds
On web
Can I sell?

Shabbir Shaikh
[Partur, India]

Entry #12

first date
a piece of cobweb
on her shoulder

Alexey Andreev
[Moscow, Russia]

Entry #58

Gita chants...
how the spider struggles
in its own web

Gautam Nadkarni
[Mumbai, India]

Entry #80

the route
of my thoughts
spider's web

Gabriel Sawicki
[Wroclaw, Poland]

Entry #86

life and death -
warp and weft
of a spiderweb

Mary T Stella
[Rome, Italy]

Joint Tenth Place (3)
Entry #4

heartbeat quickens
eight legs crawling
up my spine

Naihan Nath
[Pune, India]

Entry #51

new season
in the middle of spiderweb
the moon

Alexander Shytkovskiy
[Energodar, Ukraine]

Entry #89

aerial act -
caught in the spider's web
a shooting star

Ana Drobot
[Bucharest, Romania]

Joint Eleventh Place (4)
Entry #39

distant explosion-
still weaving its web between
refugee tents

Rita Odeh
[Haifa, Israel]

Entry #49

slowly descending
a black speck unfolds
its legs

Anna Cates
[Wilmington, USA]

Entry #53

an abandoned home
the fishing net all covered
in cobwebs

Lyudmila Hristova
[Sofia, Bulgaria]

Entry #76

in my childhood home
only the spiders are many...
I relock the door

Lavana Kray
[Iasi, Romania]

Joint Twelfth Place (7)
Entry #3

on a spider web
september rain

Dorota Ocińska - Karin
[Łódź, Poland]

Entry #26

autumn sunset...
a lonely fly is kicking
in a spiderweb

Nijolė Kerušauskiene
[Kaunas, Lithunia]

Entry #28

little fly, be careful!
there's a spider somewhere
in the world wide web

Tomasz Szymczak
[Chojnice, Poland]

Entry #65

under surveillance...
moonlight strikes
the spider's eyes

Barbara A. Taylor
[Mountain Top, Australia]

Entry #73

first hunting -
in the spider’s web
a star trembles

Dan Iulian
[Bucharest, Romania]

Entry #90

lacy spider’s web catches petals

Nancy Brady
[Huron, USA]

Entry #92

autumn dew
a spider catches the last sun rays
in his cobweb

Zornitza Harizanova
[Sofia, Bulgaria]

Joint Thirteenth Place (2)
Entry #8

sunshine spills
into iridescent circles-
a spider's web

Vidya S Venkatramani
[Chennai, India]

Entry #44

parlour games --
starting to believe
his compliments

Julie Warther
[Dover, USA]

Joint Fourteenth Place (5)
Entry #47

crevice. . .
a spider weaves its
world wide web

Pranav Chheda
[Pune, India]

Entry #50

the tiny spider –
scream from the kitchen

Krzysztof Kokot
[Nowy Targ, Poland]

Entry #57

gray attic...
I've seen some fly
without wings

Aditya Ashribad
[Dehradun, India]

Entry #62

roadside shrine
Jesus' body wrapped
in spider silk

Cezar Ciobîcă
[Botoşani, Romania]

Entry #63

end of a summer
in empty finches nest
spider’s family

Wiesław Karliński
[Namysłów, Poland]

Joint Fifteenth Place (6)
Entry #16

after the storm --
a spider's web
still waving in the wind

Chitra Rajappa
[Bengaluru, India]

Entry #34

reflections on the lake -
in the spider's web
sleeping moon

Steliana Cristina Voicu
[Ploiesti, Romania]

Entry #37

spider web
on zoo fence
captive animals

Valentina Ranaldi-Adams
[Fairlawn, USA]

Entry #40

One legged spider
Trapped in its own web

Jhanvi Tiwari
[Pune, India]

Entry #83

like a spider
contemplating the forest
in a dewdrop

Minh-Triêt Pham
[Paris, France]

Entry #88

spider leaving
the corner of the room
meteor shower

Laura Csilla
[Brasov, Romania]

Joint Sixteenth Place (12)
Entry #13

across the floor
the blur of eight legs
spring rains

Ignatius Fay
[Sudbury, Canada]

Entry #18

spider's prey
wrapped in spider silk

Kwaku Feni Adow
[Akosombo, Ghana]

Entry #24

abandoned house
searching for its web
lone spider

[Noleansville, USA]

Entry #25

morning sun
on dew-laced spider web
weaving thoughts

Glory Sasikala Franklin
[Chennai, India]

Entry #33

intact wedding dress
in the deserted attic -
spider webs broken

Miruna Covor
[Bucharest, Romania]

Entry #36

the morning sun lit
a sparkling diamond necklace
on the spider's web

Tahera Moiz Mannan
[Nagpur, India]

Entry #48

cicada haze ---
a drift of webs reflecting
sunset dreams

Carole Harrison
[Jamberoo, Australia]

Entry #71

midnight rain-
she kissed her
spider goodnight.

Precious Oboh
[Warri, Nigeria]

Entry #82

frozen spider web-
my thoughts run around
in circles

Vani Sathyanarayan
[Bangalore, India]

Entry #94

Widow spider
at the end of her thread
lustful lace

Richard Jodoin
[Montréal, Canada]

Entry #95

racing to catch
the incoming call -

John McDonald
[Edinburgh, Scotland]

Entry #97

my thoughts
shining through
a spider's web

Shalini Sunkuru
[Norwich, England]

Joint Seventeenth Place (12)
Entry #10

A greedy fly
doing gymnastics
in a spider’s web

Keith A. Simmonds
[Rodez, France]

Entry #14

Spider waiting for
The next victim

Astha Dadhich
[Pune, India]

Entry #15

Quaint company:
a frail fly and the fool moon
togeher in a web

Vasile Moldovan
[Bucharest, Romania]

Entry #19

entangled in
his web of deceit
the spider dies

Sandra Martyres
[Mumbai, India]

Entry #21

Spider's web -
virtual grounds for divorce
only when XXX

Nicu Stopel
[Bucharest, Romania]

Entry #31

The intricacies of her web
Enchanted all
But trapped none

Saroj Javeri
[Mumbai, India]

Entry #35

thieves tiptoeing...
"don't make a-" crunch
went the spider

Bhumika Pravin
[Pune, India]

Entry #46

Indian summer-
day wrapped by the silk
and the spiders

Nada Jacmenica
[Sveti Kriz Zacretje, Croatia]

Entry #55

sprider webs
glistening satellites
after the rain

Iliyana Stoyanova
[St. Albans, England]

Entry #68

burning afternoon –
the spider shelters itself
in the gutter-pipe

Francesco de Sabata
[Pescantina, Italy]

Entry #70

I am frozen

Andrius Luneckas
[Vilnius, Lithuania]

Entry #77

a spider waits --
the door
is left ajar

James Dobson
[Prudhoe, England]

Joint Eighteenth Place (6)

wedding ring binds:
within the spider's web
a fly flutters

Deborah Guzzi
[Monroe, USA]

Entry #43

broken again
I urge the spider
to continue

Marion Clarke
[Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland]

Entry #69

Full moon night —
a spider build its web
on dark balcony

Marie-Alice Maire
[Rungis, France]

Entry #84

summer come early
I scoop another funnelweb
from the pool

Cynthia Rowe
[Sydney, Australia]

Entry #87

a web
glowing in the evening sun -
someone addicted

Angelica Seithe
[Wettenberg, Germany]

Entry #93

spinning jenny
abandoned spider web
shivers in the wind

Billy Antonio
[Laoac, Philippines]

No Points This Time. Sorry. (14)
Entry #7

silver threads ...
an inverted spider is seen
in the morning dew

Tanvi Shah
[Mumbai, India]

Entry #22

Staring ravished at the spiderweb
he calls out
the other children

Francesco Gonella
[Padova, Italy]

Entry #32

relatives reunite...
like a cobweb's waiting
for its prey

Maitreya Rolba
[Pune, India]

Entry #38

dripping tap –
the cobweb traps
the spider itself

Rohan Das
[Pune, India]

Entry #45

in spider web floundering shines
last september’s fly

Dainius Dirgela
[Vilnius, Lithuania]

Entry #52

where is the spider
that went to spy
from the weaver's ceiling

Kojo Turkson
[Accra, Ghana]

Entry #54

Heat wave —
in the shower tray a spider
cling on to my wash glove

Christiane Ranieri
[Wittenheim, France]

Entry #61

and greatest web designer-

Munia Khan
[Dhaka, Bangladesh]

Entry #66

there has to be order! —
I wipe out a spider's web
with spider and fly

Goda V. Bendoraitiene
[Klaipeda, Lithuania]

Entry #67

movie night with spider-man –
even the spider on ceiling
stays still

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara
[Galaţi, Romania]

Entry #74

the girls
weaving their love nets-
scared of a spider

Božidar Škobić
[Višegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina]

Entry #79

Our civilization
as spider's web as
and ruled one spider.

Ram Sharan Maharjan
[Kathmandu, Nepal]

Entry #85

spider veins...
shining in the forked river
broken red moon

Vandana Parashar
[Jammu, India]

Entry #96

silk spiral
bracing the wind...
Charlotte’s Web

Azadé Y. Aria
[Pune, India]

Result Not Displayed as the Poet Didn't Cast Their Vote
Entry #27

eight pm.....
a wasp rumbles in fear
into the web

Suren SJB Rana
[Kathmandu, Nepal]

Entry #41

wrapping up my web…
wedding bells

Seshu Chamarty
[Hyderabad, India]

Entry #59

the spider waits
for its vitim
with an invite

Pravin Menon
[Bangalore, India]

Entry #60

big spider
in my bedroom -
you can stay

Janina Weidholz
[Wiesbaden, Germany]

Entry #75

looking from its corner –
the starry sky covered
with the spiderweb

Tomislav Maretić
[Zagreb, Croatia]

Entry #78

spider cobwebs...
still more distinct than
my thoughts

Dhruvi Lakhani
[Pune, India]

The next kukai will be in November 2015. See you then!

Organizers, Indian Kukai.

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