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Results of The Indian Kukai # 22

Namaste! Vanakkam! Greetings!

We conclude the 22nd edition of the Indian Kukai today.

67 participants took part in the 22nd Indian Kukai, and they came from 19 different countries.

The theme of this edition was RIVER.

This time the winner is Christine L.Villa from North Highlands, USA with 23 points.

Sanjuktaa Asopa  from Belgaum, India  takes the runner-up slot with 20 points.

Stoianka BOIANOVA from Sofia, BULGARIA and Gautam Nadkarni Mumbai, India are joint 3rd with 19 points each.

Marion Clarke from Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland is fourth with 17 points.

The fifth place has been shared by Minh-Triêt Pham from Paris,France and Vasile Moldovan from Bucharest, Romania with 16th points each.

Congratulations to all of them, and to each of you who participated as well.

Here are the complete results:

Points are indicated as (5,3,1) = 5*1pt + 3*2pt + 1*3pt = 5+6+3 = 14pts.


1st place: 23 POINTS

canoe ride the pulse of the river in my throat

Christine L.Villa North Highlands, USA



2nd place: 20 POINTS

dusk... the river meanders into its own murmur

Sanjuktaa Asopa, Belgaum, India


3rd place(x2): 19 POINTS

a river pebble no one remembers its sharpened edges



moonlit Ganges the soft undulations of a raga

Gautam Nadkarni Mumbai, India



4th place: 17 POINTS

familiar tune my children's laughter follows the mountain stream

Marion Clarke Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland


5th place(x2): 16 POINTS

autumn mist — beyond the riverside half of the old bridge

Minh-Triêt Pham Paris, France


paper lanterns along the holy river the ancestors' souls

Vasile Moldovan Bucharest, Romania


6th place : 15 POINTS

down the river scattering among stars my mom’s ashes

Cristina Apetrei Botosani,Romania


7th place(x2) : 13 POINTS

noon heat – even a fish in the brook staying in a shadow

Tomislav Maretić Croatia


childhood - following the sun beyond the river

Mihail Buraga, Bucharest, Romania


8th place(x2): 12 POINTS

river crossing too late to turn back she says, "I do"

Christina Sng


autumn river-- the paddle swings into a sigh

Srinivasa Rao Sambangi Hyderabad India



9th place : 11 POINTS

stars in the river between them the lonely moon

Ivanka Yankova, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

(3,1,2)= 11


10th place(x2) : 10 POINTS

my tears means nothing for the river

Jūratė Norvaišienė Mažeikiai, Lithuania
(2,4,0)= 10


In her waters I drop words-ships ... And I travel with them.

Antoaneta Pavlova Bulgaria, Plovdiv


9 POINTS(x4)

the river fork . . . after years of uncertainty she finally decides

Michael H. Lester Los Angeles USA


dry riverbed— curled cottonwood leaves cup the snow

Sondra J. Byrnes Santa Fe New Mexico USA



river... our shifting reflections

Tiffany Shaw-Diaz Centerville, Ohio, USA

river bend the journey of a lone slipper

Billy Antonio Laoac, Philippines


8 POINTS(x5)

skinny dipping river full of stars —little white lie

Ignatius Fay,

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

dark river no beginning nor end of the night

Andrius Luneckas, Vilnius, Lituania

boat trip whispering we follow the kingfisher's flight

Eleonore Nickolay Vaires sur Marne, France



spring flood more and more distant other shore

Dainius Dirgela Vilnius, Lithuania



summer love she writes their names on a river rock

Phyllis Lee Ohio, USA



7 POINTS(x2)

on peaceful waters rowing back in time ... Winter dawn

Marina Bellini,

 Bagnolo San Vito (MN), Italy

swollen river the thumbprint of my newborn

Tia Haynes Cuyahoga Falls, USA



horses to the river the horizon is racing in endless gallop

Minko TANEV, Plovdiv, Bulgaria


5 POINTS(x5)

calm river looking at my reflection I see a fighter

Vandana Parashar Chandimandir Cantt India

Kaveri in a palmful my village

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy Birmingham, UK

river flows so many offerings at no return point

Sudebi Singha Kolkata,India

Along the river fishers and water ouzel in rivality

Constantin Stroe Bucharest, Romania

a river for his paper boat. . . rain puddle

Kwaku Feni Adow Akosombo, Ghana



4 POINTS(x2)

along the river - paper boats summer vacation

Pepa Odjakova Plovdiv, Bulgaria


just after love with the murmur of the river falling asleep

RANIERI Christiane France



3 POINTS(x6)

Ganges dawn ... a sadhu waist deep in water

Mohammad Azim Khan, Peshawar Pakistan

gathering tourists-- the sound of the river in the soloist's voice

Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian Port Harcourt,Nigeria

Only a fulcrum on the life river: the life itself]

Adina Enachescu, Romania

along the river - through quiet tents and horses travelling sun

Miruna Covor, Bucharest, Romania

the river trickles -- I cross with the shortest of leaps

James Dobson, Prudhoe, UK.

the Salmon River carrying to the ocean the Milky Way

Florin Florian Botoșani,Romania


2 POINTS(x7)

in the silence the river runs ...a passing jogger

John McDonald Edinburgh Scotland

a pair of shoes outside river temple the sound of a bell

Vibeke Laier Randers,Denmark

river... what lies ahead after retirement

Ana Drobot Bucharest, Romania

flowing river - noise of the turbines repels the Gypsies

Goran Gatalica, Zagreb, Croatia

the sunset sank in the river ducks turned into firebirds

Lyudmila Hristova,
Sofia, Bulgaria

twilight falling over the river the ping of sleet

Anna Cates, Wilmington, OH. USA

rain shadow... in every Sahara a Nile

Kumarendra Mallick Hyderabad,India


1 POINT(x9)

danubian wolf -
war flag of european motherland
Gheorghe Postelnicu Bucharest, Romania

morning sunrise a torn up letter drifts away down the stream

Nijolė Kerušauskienė. Kaunas, Lithuania


Swimming days how was daddy's youth river a smell of chlorine

Richard Jodoin
Montréal, Canada

Downriver two gulls are chatting on a top os mast

Emil Marin Bucharest, Romania

windy day the spring is trying to chase the murmur of the brook

Dorota Ocińska Poland, Łódź

Full moon -- I and you hidden among the rushes

Pasquale Asprea

dormant yet aware I sit on its bank

Madhuri Pillai Melbourne,Australia

frosty day - in the middle of river red scarf

Andrzej Dembonczyk, Silesia, Poland

embracing you - a clash of floes in the muddy river

Alexey Andreev Moscow, Russia



still waters beneath the river... her true colour of eyes facing the sky

Goda V. Bendoraitiene Klaipeda, Lithuania

a man on the bridge sunny flow of river cleanses the shadow

Audreole Pivore Lithuania

Gold Star family... a river of mother’s tears

Nancy Brady Huron, USA

lone fisher by the bend in the river— cerulean streak

Ingrid Baluch Kampala,Uganda

river flood the fisherman missed his boat

Adjei Agyei-Baah Kumasi,Ghana

slup kerplup caramel syrup — the river’s meander

Mark Gilbert Nottingham,UK

now and then thrush lowers her head... river gorge

Pat Geyer, East Brunswick, USA

riverbed... the past passed by on top as clear as mud

Seshu Chamarty, Frisco, Texas

symphony of peace the murmuring sound - heavenly river !

Munia Khan Dhaka, Bangladesh

over the starry night daughter's origami

Archana Kapoor Nagpal, Bangalore, India

*Entry no. 48 was withdrawn from the contest.

Congratulations to the winners, and to all who participated. We look forward to your participation in the 23rd Indian Kukai.

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